Kwari Jacobs

About Us

Timeless. Luxurious. Dynamic.


The Brand


The Brands’ distinctive spirit finds it’s rich natural expression in the calibrated combination of traditional elegance and dynamism, which are typical characteristics of evolving, lively and refined period of time, able to embrace new ideas!

The ability to honor and respect the uniqueness of every individual, is what lies at the core of the Luxury Custom Brand Kwari Jacobs.


Kwari Jacobs

Who is Kwari Jacobs

Kwari Jacobs is a customised luxurious Men’s Brand.

Why Kwari Jacobs

The passion to pay attention to detail and believing in the uniqueness of people are two fundamental aspects that gave birth to Kwari Jacobs. Understanding that what people wear is an extension of their individual personalities, made us provide a platform where every men’s style can be customized and respected.





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